Wenduine, princess of the Belgian coast


Wenduine’s reputation as princess of the Belgian coast is well deserved. This family-friendly spa-town combines the charm of its small scale with the excellent offer of tourist facilities. With its traffic-free boulevard and roundabout, the marvellous wide sand beach, the pleasant shopping centre, the dunes, the forest and the hinterland, Wenduine is the perfect destination for unconcerned and exciting holiday.


Wenduine primarily has a family-friendly character. Tourists have many possibilities to choose from: swimming, hiking, playing tennis, golf or minigolf, cycling, sea fishing, horse riding, windsurfing and so on. Furthermore this spa-town offers all the possibilities for recreation in nature: the signposted hiking routes in the woods, cycling tours through the diked marshes and relaxing walks through the dunes or along the beach.


The area around Wenduine has around 400 acres of dune woods, and therefore it is the coastal town that with an air of peace. Even during the crowded summer months, the ‘green’ Wenduine is an oasis of peace, nature and hospitality. It is a pure spa-town with the enduring charm of the Belle époque, surrounded by vast areas of dunes and diked marshes.



Wenduine is proud of its beach; the longest of the Flemish coast! Between De Haan and the small town of Wenduine, there is a twelve-kilometre long stretch of fine sand. The beach is approximately 55 tot 80 metres wide. Even in summertime this beach offers you the necessary facilities for a peaceful stay. Only the short boulevard interrupts the wide and lengthy beach.


Also in early and late season this is an excellent destination. The perfect place to enjoy the beach on a windy day. To conclude, you will find the only nudist beach of the Belgian coast west of Wenduine, at the border with Bredene.


Wenduine lies in West-Flanders. The Rotonde, the Spioenkop, the Prins Albertpark, the Hubertmolen and the four Wenduine giants are still the silent witnesses of what started in the thirteenth century as a small fishing village and expanded during the twentieth century to become the tourist spa-town with its typical cosy bars and shops.

The attractions of the town include the beach, a forest, a small village square and a shopping street. Furthermore Wenduine is one of the only Belgian coastal municipalities with an area of dunes, although at the moment hiking there is partly restricted, in order to protect the dunes. However, you can walk a route through this area, which will take you almost as far as to Blankenberge.


The second highest dune of the Belgian coastline offers a beautiful view over the forest, dunes and sea. On this thirty metre-high dune you can find a small white pavilion with a red roof: the Spioenkop. There you will have a lovely view over the inland diked marshes, the wooded surroundings and the coastal plains. Down at the dune is the Rotonde, the place to be for sunbathers, fishermen, Petanque-players and children.

Wenduine has a most charming shopping centre with terraces and nice shops within reach. Besides that, from the Easter holidays until September the town constantly organizes special events and activities. To celebrate the annual Reuzenfeesten (in July), Wenduine invites around 40 Belgian and foreign giants who pass through the streets in procession. To conclude, Wenduine lies on an excellent location at only a fifteen minute-drive from historical towns like Brugge, Damme and Sluis.