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Experience the ultimate beach fun and adventurous water sports at Beachclub Windhaan, beautifully located in De Haan on the Belgian coast. This unique beach club is the perfect blend of relaxation on the white sands and action in the natural dunes of the North Sea.

What does Beachclub Windhaan offer?

Located at the end of the promenade on the eastern side, Beachclub Windhaan offers an inviting beach pavilion with a bar and terrace, alongside essential amenities such as showers and a changing room. The boat park and classroom ensure an excellent experience for all water sports enthusiasts.

Furthermore Beachclub Windhaan is near the following sights: MiniGolf La Potinière (±950 m), Baluba Indoor Playground (±1,7 km), Aqua Mundo (±1,7 km), Royal Golf Club Ostend (±2,2 km) & De Sierk (±3,6 km).

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Zeedijk, De Haan
tel. +32 495 537 675 
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